About Coach Jo

Born and raised in Michigan.   Family moved from Hazel Park to Oxbow Lake, Waterford area when I was in grade school.   What a perfect place to raise a tomboy!   Earned a BS in Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University.    Came to Colorado as a “ski bum” about a million years ago.   Have lived here in Loveland, Colorado for over 24 years.   Love playing tennis, biking, snow skiing, hiking, traveling, gardening, sailing, hanging out with friends, warm ocean snorkeling and wave bobbing.    Short term goal is to live on Oahu from November through January every year, then come back to Colorado in time for spring skiing.     I am nuts about trading stock options!

After working as a Human Resource Manager for 30+ years,  I started trading.   For over 9 years now,  I have been a full time trader.    If anyone would have told me that I have any interest in trading,  I would not have believed it.   Well…. it is true!    I never have been a numbers nerd.   It has taken me time to study and learn how to trade, but if I can do it, anyone can!