Let’s Get Started Ladies- Track Your Stock or Mutual Fund

Look at just one of your current investments. This might be a stock or a mutual fund. If you are now in all cash, consider a stock or mutual fund that you were in. Look back into your records or call your broker to find out the date that you purchased the stock or fund. Find or ask what price you actually paid for this stock or fund, and how many shares you bought. What is the ticker (up to 4 letters) for the stock or fund? Then research or ask what expenses you paid to enter the trade. What did the broker charge? The planner? Was there a front load on the purchase of your mutual fund? What other fees did you pay to enter this stock or mutual fund?

Please don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Only choose 1 stock or 1 fund – for now. You have no more than 1 week to gather this info. Be sure to visit my site next week for step 2. Have a good week!


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