Opening Range for Exchanges – Trading Coach Jo

Need more validation of a stock move? In addition to the Opening Range (OR) for an individual stock, also consider the stock’s exchange.

If the stock symbol has 4 letters, it is traded on the NASDAQ. For example, if you are waiting for a strong move on AAPL, check to make sure that AAPL has actually broken out of it’s 30 minute OR. As another validator, check the NASDAQ to see if it also is trading outside of it’s OR.

For stock symbols with less than 4 letters, check the NYSE. You would want the NYSE to be trading outside of it’s OR. Whether it is trading up or down does not matter. We only want to validate the momentum of the trade to make sure that the stock is moving in the intended direction.

Remember that the more true validators in your favor, the greater the probability of success.

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Coach Jo

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