Options Trading Coach Jo – Dual Monitors

Are dual monitors necessary for options trading? I would not say necessary, but definately preferred! I run a second monitor from my laptop. On the left monitor I have my Think or Swim watchlists, the trade tab, the monitor tab, the analyze tab, etc. On the second monitor, I have 8 charts on one page. If I want to have a closer look, I simply click on the chart of interest and expand that one chart to fill the entire screen. This seems to be a very efficient way to trade. As an options trading coach, I recommend that you start looking around for a minimum size monitor of 24 inches.

When I travel for extended time, I take my extra monitor. I have an old hard shell suitcase with foam that keeps my monitor safe for travel – even air line travel! When I don’t have a second monitor, it is frustrating to have to flip back and forth to see the data I need to make good trading decisions.

Yes, you can trade with one monitor. Just know that once you have a second monitor, you will not like going back to using just one monitor!

Coach Jo

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