Stock Option Trading Coach for Newbies – Trading Coach Jo

If you are starting to trade stock options and feel a bit overwhelmed, coaching is perfect for you. Sure – you can take a few years to figure things out all on your own. Sure – you can loose a lot of money while learning by yourself. And sure – you can lessen your learning curve and lessen your risk with coaching!

As a person who has traded for a living for over 7 years, I would have loved to have known a trading coach that would work with me. I knew that I did not need to learn everything the hard way – by trial and error. If only I knew of someone that I could had gone to for help.

I would love to share what I have learned with you. If you are serious about your trading, contact me. My coaching is totally customized to where you are and what you want to learn. If you are not sure what you need to learn, I can give you suggestions and a learning plan.

I have found it works best when we meet once a week. After our on-line coaching session, I will send you customized homework that will give you practice on what we covered or what we will cover next week.

Typical areas include how to set up a paper or virtual account, various broker advantages and disadvantages, how to set up charts on your broker trading platform, how to use the platform for efficient entry/exit and managing your open trades, how and when to buy calls and puts, terminology, etc.

If you are committed to being a profitable trader with a shortened learning curve so that you can grow your trading account, contact me today at Let’s get started!


Coach Jo

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