Women and Emotional Trading

I heard from a few friends about my last posting.    The confusion seemed to come from thinking that women are emotional, therefore not suited to trading.    Just to clarify,   women are often more successful at trading and investing because they follow their rules as if they were following a recipe.     When trading, women seem to access their left side, logical brain.     Although women are normally associated with being emotional, when it comes to trading, women seem to make logical trading decisions.

Of course these are broad generalizations.   The point I want to make is that women who think that they could not become good traders are just plainly wrong.    I hate to see women, as well as men,  limit their capabilities.    Almost anyone can become a successful trader or investor.   Just like everything else, it takes time and interest.

If I were Queen,  I would have trading and investing education that began in grade school.   Most people work hard to accumulate savings.   I want people to learn how to make their savings work for them.   A return of 2-5% a year is just too low.

I will be guiding those who are interested in learning to trade and don’t know where to start.   Stay tuned.   Your comments and questions are appreciated.

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